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1  Other Tools / Box-of-Flumph / Things to have in mind on: September 30, 2006, 05:56:28 pm
Quote from: "daan"
Thanks for all the comments. If Box-Of-Flumph becomes the next project after Redblade i'll be sure to include them. Smiley

I wanted to comment on some things.

I noticed the sudden population death. I suspect it has something to do with an inbalance between genders and age groups, or simply the fact that a generation is meeting the wrong people, and thus is unable to marry and breed.

As for the town sizes, its purely a usability issue. 10.000 detailed NPCs means a 250 page campaign file, so I decided to let the generator handle key figures in town and planned for some statistics for the rest.

On the jobless cities: If you flag a city as 'spawner', it will /never/ have jobs. Spawners are there to simulate external kingdoms from which people want to move to find jobs in yours.

On the OpenOffice thing, I made Box-Of-Flumph to test some things for Redblade SRD, like exporting to OpenDocument. The reason it doesn't include an HTML, RTF, PDF or word exporter is I already have some experience with those Smiley

One thing that might help, you can supposedly convert OpenDocument to word: (haven't tested this myself yet)


You made a great job with this tool, I used it for a while and found it is a nice add to my personal arsenal of RPG tools.

To solve the 250 pages of docs you can make templates for every classless or generic NPC, and generate a few IMPORTANT ones for IMPORTANT NPCs, that can reduce the amount to 15 pages, 10 for job templates (1 per job) and 5 for nobility and other important NPCs like Fresno the king, Hector his man at arms, Aluria the princess, Tim the merchant and Joe the bartender to name a very basic example.
2  Redblade CG (since 2006) / Redblade CG General Discussion / State of affairs: The future of Redblade! on: April 27, 2006, 01:39:00 pm
Quote from: "daan"
next big version will support language packs. the current version does not.

I can help with the spanish translation, only drop me an email
3  Redblade CG (since 2006) / Redblade CG Development / Re: Just make it simple to add stuff too. on: October 06, 2005, 04:48:11 pm
Quote from: "zwyt"
I think the best thing that can be done in regard to stuff that Redblade should support is just make it easy to add stuff to. I look at PCGen and they are trying to add support for everything and its grandmother in that program and while PCGen is not bade software... it is alwaaaaaaaays in developement and the thing you think might be kinda sorta stable is not stable two or three days down the line. I think making Redblade where the game/campaign mode is easily alterable and where D20 stuff can be inserted easily as well as house rules and the like would make it flexable enough where Redblade sould support any type of game that revolved around a D20 core then we could work together as a community to make content for Redblade instead of always having to update thge core software wvery week or so. I say go solid stable core software that is easily added to by the user and you will have something beautiful, otherwise you will work yourself to death trying to give everybody everything they want.


You get the point. The easy way it to support SRD, so everything under d20 core rules are supported too. I' currently working on an alternative to Redblade. The big trouble is to have a working database. I choose to have xml as support database, and believe me, it's a pain in the ass to have everything. But still working on it, I have the basic Races, Classes, Languages, Skills and Synergies and Spells.

4  Redblade CG (since 2006) / Redblade CG Development / Research topic: Wizard Licencing on: May 26, 2005, 01:03:14 pm
Well, I know that you can't use something WOTC call Identity names (or products, what ever), of course you can strip the funny names and go on... but I think there's more involved.

They didn't write the OGL for us to strip funny names. They are stricts with the well known character building process. All of us have roll many dices to build our own characters.

So, why they avoid you to build a dice roller to speed up the process with one of their metods?

In the past I try to use PCGen as well... but I found it very complicated... and slow and resource consuming. For example, it's very hard to run PCGen on a low profile laptop (I mean a pentium mmx 200mhz and 64mb ram), simply you get older before finishing one character, think about a party of 6...
5  Redblade CG (since 2006) / Redblade CG Development / Research topic: Wizard Licencing on: May 18, 2005, 12:37:52 am
Long time ago I was looking for what you can and can't do with the OGL. I decide to use SRD material only for deployment of my all new (but similar) character generator.

Of course I can't roll any dices to build a character but I can allow the final user to input his rolls and apply any adjustment the rules allow.

I was thinking to use a point system to build a character, but my friends here  never use such building system, they prefer the old ways with plenty of dices to throw :lol:

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