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Redblade SRD: Screenshots 23-10-2006
March 24, 2019, 12:01:01 pm *
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Author Topic: Redblade SRD: Screenshots 23-10-2006  (Read 6335 times)
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« on: October 23, 2006, 04:57:53 pm »

Here are some fresh screenshots for the upcoming D&D character generator: Redblade SRD!

Whats so special about it?
As the name implies Redblade SRD Characteer Generator comes prepacked with the whole 3.5 SRD, including templates, epics, psionics, prestige classes and monsterous humanoids. But it doesn't end there. Redblade requires no programming or textfile editing to add your custom classes, races, feats and skills. Also, it generates character sheets in many formats, which you can customize with a WYSIWYG editor.

These are just some of the development screenshots.

Step 1: Select a campaign
Choose a prepackaged or customized campaign. If you enabled Redblade-Online Redblade warns you of updates to campaigns or sourcebooks.

Step 2: Assemble your character
Quickly assemble your character using searchable lists, wizards, and item enchanters. Stick notes where you want, instantly add in the feat or ability you discussed with the DM.
DMs: The whole Character Designer is customizable. Want to add a page for players to select their province? easy!

Step 3: Generate your charactersheet!
Use one of the pre-packaged ones or edit one of your own. Export it to HTML and other formats.

Charactersheet designer
Assemble to your liking. Store and re-use blocks of components for later.

Sourcebook and campaign designer
A tree menu to the left gives access to all currently loaded campaigns and related sourcebooks. Users can add blueprints ('feats', 'spells', 'classes') , create templates from those blueprints (Weapon Focus Feat, Fireball spell, Warrior), add their own icons and charactersheets, and extend the Character Designer GUI. The original Redblade 3.5e campaigns can be imported for standalone use.

Template editor, editing the Weapon Specialisation Feat.
here i'm adding a note that should pop up when players select it. Note the 'overall progress' selector, which gives an easy one-glance overview on what is completed and what isn't..

Blueprint editor, in this case of the character concept.
If you have a need to, you can extend Redblade to support your custom rules.

Expected release date for the Beta: December 2006.
Redblade SRD is planned for release as freeware.
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